Mario Batkovic (Vocals, Guitar, Accordion)

In the Balkan, this damson plum fruit was long considered to be a weed. But its growth was so irrepressible that its roots could not be tamed with any pesticide. After all desperate attempts were in vain, the idea came up to cross the damson plum fruit with the Helvetic plum fruit – hoping that it could at least be used as animal food. Thereby sprouted a fruit that has no equal in taste. Bands such as the Kummerbuben, the Redlightorchestra, Kud Meya, and the Beba Orchestra well knew how to benefit from this fruit.

Fabian Bürgi (Drums)

When fully ripe, this fruit unfolds a taste as sweet as a honeydew melon. But at certain harvest times, it can also assume a very bitter aroma, which however (surprisingly!) shows an astonishing impact, especially on womankind. This sort of fruit is used to make different kinds of spirits, like the Tequila Boys and the Beba Orchestra.

Andreas Aeberhard (Bass)

Around 1980, this fruit was discovered in the Bernese Oberland. Its calming effect, as well as its fascinating appearance, elates people around the world. Currently it is very popular and employed in various combinations. When distillated, it releases a flavor that is commonly described as that certain “je ne sais quoi”. This fruit has already gotten around a lot, from Lily Yellow to Jones, Brothertunes, Gamebois, and Männer am Meer.

Dominik Baumgartner (Guitar)

This rather longish fruit attained unexpected famousness through its appearance and its musical flavor that let the connoisseurs jubilate. Unfortunately this fruit only grows in the High Alps, which leads to great difficulties when harvesting. Taking care of the plant requires both high expertise and precision. But the effort is worth the trouble: In cases of success, a characteristic flavor is unfolded. The musical taste, which is offered to the consumer after processing, has already been used by Männer am Meer, Churchill, Effalum, and the Firefuckers.

Balthasar Streit (Trumpet)

No kidding: This weed looks like bushes! It is widely known that adding herbs while distilling will bring out or underline a specific flavor. But it was only discovered in 1987 that, with its exceptional appearance, this plant can put people in a downright “party mood”. Legend has it that at the time of the German Reunification, a KGB agent took the weed to Europe and domesticated it in the region of Berne. It is said that the plant is the reason for the proverbially excessive festivity of eastern people. In Switzerland, these (borderline) experiences have already been enjoyed by bands such as Traktorkestar, Pepe Lienhardts Swiss Army Big Band, the UpTown Big Band, and Wazomba.

Maro Widmer (Trombone)

Many a people have already risked a fat lip when indulging this species. It is renowned for its toxic impact, but only few know that it can be – in the right dose – savored without any side effects and absolutely risk free. Both men and women think that this fruit boosts virility. People who know this for sure are the members of Traktorkestar, Fribourg Jazz Orchestra, Nevithan, Red Dwarf, and the Blues Brothers Band (Bern).

Daniel Durrer (Tenore- und Baritone Saxophone)

Also known as “Yum Yum”, this fruit has already brought tears to the eyes of various non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic beverage manufacturers. Well known to biochemists, there is almost no field where this fruit is not being used – in the scientific as well as the commercial sector. For people, this fruit also has a figurative function. For men, it is presumed to be a symbol for ideal growth; for women, it is a symbol of lust. Many different projects took advantage of these features, for instance the Kummerbuben, Männer am Meer, Stefanie Heinzmann, Baze, GMF, Philipp Fankhauser, and other Swiss pop stars.

Philip Peppe Jenzer (Percussion)

When taking a stroll, one has to keep a sharp lookout, because this fruit is not easy to discover. But once found, it is extremely hard to resist: Its flavor is exceedingly intensive and the effect sets in suddenly and unexpectedly. The consumption leads to hallucinogenic apparitions and spills out happy hormones. Before distilling, the fruit needs to ripen for a long time, but it is vaunted as an indispensable ingredient. Chemists such as the Firefuckers, Stan or Itchy, and the Phanamanation have examined the properties of this fruit.

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